Autumn Glory

I admit it, this is my favourite time of year. Maybe its because I’m an autumn baby, but I adore the change of the seasons and the glorious colours that are just so beautiful. So, what more appropriate way to celebrate the season than with this glowing offering for a front door?
Forget any idea of a wreath being funereal, this beauty is bursting with life that will welcome your guests in glowing style!
Packed with rich autumn hydrangea, orange roses, red pom-pom dahlias and firey gloriosa lilies, this colour palette glows like the warmest of fires. Pass the crumpets!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! The perfect Autumn colour palette.

  2. I’m Glad i found this site.Added to my bookmark!

  3. I have to say that I love this website. I felt compelled drop a comment and say what a sweet job you’ve done. I wish more sites would put so much effort into their website. Keep the posts coming.


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