About me

My name is Becky Flowers and I’m a Cancer survivor. A couple of years ago during a routine examination, the doctors found a lump, which I hadn’t noticed myself.
I went through a very traumatic and stressful period in my life and to cut a long story short, an operation removed a benign tumour from my abdomen. I had a short course of treatment and then was given the all clear. The euphoric feeling that swept over me when I was given that news was incredible.

It was overwhelming, and I decided that that was something that I wanted to hold onto. I believe that I fundamentally changed throughout the whole process. I decided that I had

to live life to the maximum and carry that euphoric feeling through to my everyday life. I also determined that I would experience as much of the world as I possibly could, to visit many different places and share in other cultures.

Travelling was something that I’d always wanted to do but somehow it was never at the forefront, things always seemed to get in the way and i kept putting things off. Now (with the help of friends and family) travel has become my number one goal – and a most rewarding goal it is too! Any excuse and I’m off!

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